What is a 'Level 5' finish?

What is a 'Level 5' finish?

There are 3 levels of finish defined in AS/NZS2589 for the installation and finishing of plasterboard. These are named Level 3 to Level 5 inclusive, with Level 5 being the highest standard.

Generally, residential applications are prepared to a Level 4

Finish unless a higher or lower level of finish is agreed to by all contracting parties.

AS/NZS 2589 states that a Level 5 Finish should be used wherever gloss or semi-gloss paints are to be used, and where critical lighting conditions occur with painted surfaces such as large flat wall and ceiling areas, where severe glancing light will occur from large window openings or skylights, or where artificial silhouette and spot lighting is to be used.

The most common method of achieving a Level 5 Finish is by way of ‘skim coating’. Skim coating is a term used to describe a thin finish coat, trowelled or airless sprayed onto the prepared plasterboard surface and then lightly sanded to achieve a smooth and even finish. It is normally less than 1mm in thickness and is applied over the entire surface to fill imperfections in the joint work, smooth the paper texture and provide a uniform surface for decorating.

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